The Head and Neck Cancer Team is led by Brian Burkey, MD, who serves as Regional Chair of the Institute for Surgical Subspecialties and is Professor and Chair, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital. Dr. Burkey has over a 30-year history of treating head and neck tumors and cancers with a strong interest in thyroid surgery, including thyroid cancer.

Head and Neck cancer cases are presented at one of our five monthly tumor board conferences. The tumor board conferences are conducted by our physician-based teams at Scully-Welsh Cancer Center. A tumor board is a meeting where complex patient cases are discussed in significant detail by a multidisciplinary team of doctors. The physicians concentrate on patients with difficult tumors or patients who have previously received treatment and, for various reasons, now need a different treatment plan. The doctor teams also review participation in a clinical trial as an option for each patient at the cancer center in Vero Beach. Doctors from each discipline are involved in this meeting and may include nearly a dozen or more cancer experts. Each patient’s diagnosis is introduced, and the group reviews the patient’s scans, biopsies, lab results, and other records with the goal of coming up with the best treatment plan. The team includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, speech pathologists, radiology, pathology, patient care navigator, nutritionist, and behavioral health specialist.

Patient care coordination for the Head and Neck Cancer Team is arranged through our patient care navigators at (772) 226-4827.

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