Patients and families who cope with cancer face many challenges.

This is especially true when you are dealing with a complex group of diseases like cancer. There is often a great fear of the unknown and uncertainty about what is going to happen. Knowledge can help lessen that fear by helping you learn more about the type of cancer you have, its treatment and your recovery process.
Finding Your Support System
Even though people facing cancer cannot change their diagnosis, they can seek out reliable, up-to-date information and talk to family members, friends and their healthcare team about their situation. Finding good sources of support can help people with cancer take control and make informed decisions. It’s important to work through your feelings about cancer, because how you feel can affect how you look at yourself, how you view life and what decisions you make about treatment.

Many of the factors that determine cancer outcomes are beyond your control. These include the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, your general health and your age. However, you can increase your chances for a positive outcome by taking an active role in your healthcare.

Patients and families who cope with cancer face many challenges. We believe that the more our patients know about their cancer and its treatment, the more equipped they are to actively participate in their care.

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