A Heartfelt Thanks

You are our heroes. Whether it’s care delivered on the front lines or the behind-the-scenes race to help end the COVID-19 pandemic our community is made better because of you. No matter the work left to be done, we’re in this together.

So many individuals and companies in our communities have provided generous support. Our thanks to the following for their recent contributions of vital funds and supplies:

AccentCare Home Health, Hospice, Personal Care
Americas Best Auto Body Shop Inc. Owner Nabil Hamad
Ann Wilson
Antoinette and John Stockenberg
Art, Mary & Lucy Seaver
Audree Lezniewicz
Bank of America
Barbara Watson
Baylee Nilles
Beach Bum Bagels
Beth Ottesen
Bette Holeva
Bianca Varas (Novurania of American)
Blue Water Booty Smack & The Gourmet Muffin – Michelle and Felicity Tedeschi
Bob & Anna Ceilo
Bobbi Smick
Bonnita Huss
Boston Barricade Company
Brooke Hardie & Lila
Carol Malicki
Carol Shaver
Carrabba’s Italian Grill
Catherine Palmer
Cathy Guinn
CCIRH Auxiliary Volunteers
CCIRH Pet Therapy Volunteers
Chet Mosely
Chick Fil A
Chrissy Demers / Tropical Eye Associates Office
Christ Fellowship Church
Christ the King Presbyterian Church
Chuck Stone Painting
Citrus Grillhouse
Classy Cupcakes, Ashley Cupp
Cleveland Clinic Health Angels – Baci Trattoria’s Kitchen
Connie Triantis
Cumberland Farms
Dave Bedford / Ono Luau
Debbie Anderson & Cooper (Pet Therapy Volunteer)
Diane Simmons
DME of America Inc.
Don Smith’s Paint Store – Carol Carlton & Britton Smith
Dr. Denise Pieczynski
Dr. Michelle Maholtz
Dr. Ralph Rosato, Bob Rosate (Amalfi Grill) and Huyrn Construction
Dr. Theodore Perry
East Coast Tax and Financial Planning
Elder Home Care Services
Elizabeth Boyle
Esteban Rodriguez
Florence Hauser
Garden of Esther Pasta
Garry Forrest
Giardina Construction
Girard Equipment
Glendale Elementary School
Glowry Laser Designs / Mark and Alicia Klepper
Grace Spring Church
Greg Perez in memory of Michelina Perez
Gregory Perez
Harbor Freight
HSB Inc.
Huryn Construction
Indian River School District
Jackie Mead
Jan Marshall
Jane Coyle
Jean Zuboik
Jeannine Demers
StayBridge Hotel
Jim and Lyn Hart
Jimmy Johns
Huyrn Construction
Joni Smith & Dai-Z (Pet Therapy Volunteer)
June Ford
Karen Demos
Karen Herbst & Kaiden (Pet Therapy Volunteer)
Kay Leonard
Kim English from the 4H Club of IRCo. (combined efforts with Caps Pizza and Jimbo’s Roadside Grill and Strunk Funeral home)
Knights Of Columbus / John Bardsley
Lambeth Groves
Laura’s Sew and Quilt Shop
Laurie Volpe
Sew Lin Alterations
Linda Emrick and Michael Ronroth
Linda Mahoney
Linda McDermott & Belle (Pet Therapy Volunteer)
Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
Lori Bender
Maddie Higgins
Nancy Sullivan
Margy Merle
Marilyn Van Tassell
Maureen McNally
Melissa Phillips
Melissa Raborn at CCIRH & Michelle Neal
Michelle Neal
Millie MacKenzie
Moe’s Deli
Mrs. Eartha Johnson & Suzanna Houston
Ms. Joni Vinas
Natalie’s Juice
Nino’s Café
Norma Cretella –
Novurania of America
Orchid Island Beach Club
Outback Steakhouse
Pamela Paterson
Pam’s Fabric Nook
Panera Bread
Papa Johns
Pat and Tom Hughes
Patti Bohrer
Phyllis Adams
Piper Aircraft
Port St. Lucie Crazy Quilters
Quail Valley River Club
Ray Mancari & Katie (Pet Therapy Volunteer)
Renaissance Senior Living
Republic Health Resources – Richard West
Rich & Sharon Gibbs
Rogers Cushions / Pam & Tom Butz
Ruth Thomas
Ryan Pampel
Sally Munson
Sam’s Club
Shelly Smith – Sunset Home Sales
Sheri Anderson & Solaris (Pet Therapy Volunteer)
Hale Events and Interiors
State of Florida
Staybridge Suites
Steele Canvas, and Food52
Stephanie Yuill
Steve Kinkel & Ella (Pet Therapy Volunteer)
Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Guild of Vero Beach (Barb Higgins & Margaret Atherton; Dr. James Atherton at Scully Welsh)
Sunrise Rotary Club
Susan Davis
Susan Kipp
Susan Mock
The JEEP Club
The Kanner Group at Raymond James
The Pebble Beach Villas
Thomas and Patricia Hughes
Thuong Passerelle
Tim & Cathy Palmer
Tina Wonderly
Todd Williams
Treasure Coast Chinese American Relief Effort
United Against Poverty
Vero Beach High School
Woody’s BBQ


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