Breast cancer survivor grateful for world-class care at Scully-Welsh Cancer Center

Thursday, July 1st, 2021

Cancer survivor story for CCIRH - Sharon Wolf

This year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month will hold special significance for Sharon Wolf. In October, the Vero Beach resident will celebrate five years of being cancer-free.

Sharon is grateful to have had world-class care close to home at Scully-Welsh Cancer Center at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital.

“This is my hometown hospital, and this is my hometown cancer center,” she said. “To have this care available, that I did not have to leave my surroundings, made my treatment program successful.”

Following a routine mammogram, it was recommended that Sharon have another exam. She was diagnosed with an “aggressive form of breast cancer.” Her treatment included a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.

She says her treatment at Scully-Welsh “was perfect,” thanks to the caregivers there.

“These people are here to help you,” Sharon said. “They’re kind. They’re caring about each, individual person. They’re very caring. And it comes across, and you feel it.”

In addition to treatment, Sharon said Scully-Welsh “furnished me with the knowledge I needed.” From appointments with a nutritionist to resources that helped her manage the side effects of chemotherapy, she is thankful for all of the tools and programs available to her.

Since her initial experience with breast cancer, Sharon has returned to the cancer center to have squamous cell skin cancers removed. She has also become an advocate for the center, and she hopes Indian River County residents realize how exceptional the care is in their community.

“This is my treatment place for anything related to cancer,” she said.

Five years after her diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, Sharon reflected on what it took to help her reach two important milestones in 2021.

“I had my 70th birthday, and two weeks later I found out I had aggressive breast cancer.  So I said, well, if I want to have 75 years, I better do exactly what they tell me, and move forward.  And I will be 75 in September, and I will be five years cancer-free in October. I’m so grateful to have Scully-Welsh here in our community.”

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