Heart and vascular team at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital help Vero chiropractor get back to his patients

Monday, March 1st, 2021

Thanks to the heart and vascular team at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital, one Vero Beach chiropractor is back to helping people with their muscle, joint and bone pains.

Arthur LaBella, DC, began to notice his symptoms in November 2019. “I was feeling badly,” he explains. “I was getting short of breath, tired, and weak. I couldn’t even take a shower without getting out of breath.”

While Dr. LaBella’s treatment throughout 2020 would include a cardiac catheterization, aortic valve replacement, and finally a pacemaker, it began with a visit to Seth Baker, DO, his cardiologist of more than 10 years. He describes Dr. Baker as “top notch” and is grateful to have had his guidance and expertise along the way.

Following a catheterization to diagnose his condition in February, Dr. LaBella underwent a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) with cardiothoracic surgeon Mark Malias, MD. Because this approach to inserting a new aortic valve is less invasive than open surgery, patients often enjoy a shorter recovery time. Dr. LaBella said he and his family noticed a difference right away. “That afternoon, the color in my face returned, and into my hands.”

Despite the initial improvement, some symptoms did begin to return.  A pacemaker was recommended, and electrophysiologist Brett Faulknier, DO, implanted the device. Dr. LaBella spent one night in the hospital following that procedure, and he again immediately noticed improvement.

“Overall I was feeling better,” he said. “My voice was strong and my energy was back. I was surprised, myself, at how everything returned so quickly.”

Throughout this experience, Dr. LaBella says he was impressed by the world-class care he received at Indian River Hospital. “I can’t say enough good about them. I felt they explained everything really well, explained what to expect.”

Dr. LaBella says he is now back to doing what he loves: helping people with neuromuscular disorders to feel better.  He’s thankful for the team at Indian River Hospital, and especially for his cardiologist’s expertise.

“I’m grateful to Dr. Baker for suggesting these procedures.”

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