The Day of Your Procedure

Helpful Information

Please review the following information to help you have the best possible experience before, during and after your procedure.


In preparation for your procedure, please arrive one to two hours (as directed) before your scheduled procedure time, unless you are told otherwise.


  • Entrance 1 –

    Patient Pavilion Entrance next to the Emergency Room-is used for preoperative screening, outpatient procedures such as colonoscopies, cardiac catheterization and radiologic procedures.

  • Entrance 2 –

    Surgical Services Entrance on the side of 37th Street-is used for surgical procedures, unless otherwise specified.

  • Entrance 3 –

    Scully Endoscopy Center is used for outpatient endoscopy and special procedures.


You will be asked to sign consent forms prior to your procedure that both you and your physician have agreed upon. You will also have an opportunity to speak with the anesthesiologist prior to your procedure.

Advanced Directives/Living Wills

If you have an Advanced Directive/Living Will, please bring a copy with you on the day of surgery or during your preadmission screening. Blank copies of these forms are available on the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital website, at your provider’s office, or you may request these at your pre-admission testing. We encourage you to have this completed prior to your procedure.

Preparation for Procedures

When you arrive, our professional staff will greet you. They will ask you questions about your medical history while preparing you for your procedure. You will be asked your name and date of birth several times throughout the day as a safety measure. At this time, one visitor may visit with you until you are taken back for your procedure.


Please wear comfortable shoes and loose-fitting clothing that you can wear home after your procedure.


Please leave your valuables at home or with a family member.


Please leave all jewelry at home. All jewelry must be removed before all procedures; this includes body piercings.


Dentures and partial plates are always removed in the pre-operative area for surgeries and many other procedures. We provide a labeled container for your dental needs. The container may be given to a family member, friend, or placed in your personal belongings bag.

Glasses/Contacts/Hearing Aids

Glasses, contacts and hearing aids may be removed before many procedures and left with family, friends, or in your personal belongings bag. Please bring your glasses case, contact lens solution, contact lens case and hearing aid case.


Please do not apply make-up, lotion, powder or perfume on your body the day of your procedure. Hair must be dry before arriving to the hospital. Nail polish and artificial nails should not be worn.

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