Our specialized pulmonary services address disorders of the lungs, airway and breathing functions. From diagnosis to treatment to recovery, our pulmonary specialists employ today’s most trusted diagnostic techniques to determine the most effective mode of treatment.

Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (eLVR)

eLVR is a minimally invasive procedure (non-surgical) to help patients breathe easier and treat advanced emphysema and severe COPD, by placing tiny valves in the airways to block off diseased parts of the lung. Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital is one of a few hospitals in the state of Florida performing this procedure. Call 772.794.5800 to learn more about eLVR and click here to see who performs this innovative procedure in Vero Beach.

Respiratory Services

The Hospital offers a wide variety of pulmonary function testing such as methacholine challenges to diagnose asthma. In addition, our Pulmonary Services Department conducts an array of bronchoscopy procedures, including EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound) and navigational bronchoscopy, state- of-the-art tests used to diagnose lung cancer in its earliest stages.

Lung Cancer Detection

A lung cancer screening using a low-dose CT scan is the first step in knowing your risk of developing lung cancer. With this screening, other non-cancerous nodes can also be found.


Depending on the diagnosis, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital has the staff and technology to help treat pulmonary diseases, from common respiratory disorders to advanced lung cancer. And because Indian River County has a high incidence of lung cancer cases, the Hospital is committed to providing a full array of treatment options.

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