Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital Sponsorship Request Form

Criteria for Support

Cleveland Clinic is guided by the belief that the entire community benefits when residents live in an environment that promotes healthy living, physically, mentally and socially. The partnerships we build together will help individuals make positive choices and improve the health and well-being of the Treasure Coast.

Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital’s community outreach efforts, sponsorships and collaborations have included on-the-ground programs, hands-on community service experiences, health and wellness education sessions, health screenings and navigation, and funding investments for requested programs, activities and events. Our goal is to engage in discussions about health needs and connect young and old alike with the medical, social and economic resources which will empower them to transform their own health and well-being, as well as that of their communities.

To request financial or other support, please consider the following:

An event or sponsorship request should be specific to an upcoming health and wellness-related attraction or engagement in your community. Essential elements for sponsorship consideration are:

  • Developing and promoting health and wellness initiatives
  • Providing community education for people of all ages

Requests for support may include a limited funding amount, and the final decision will be based on the needs and the expected outcomes of requesting organizations.

Please note: While Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital will evaluate every request, not all requests will receive financial support. If appropriate, the hospital may instead suggest program engagement, community service/volunteer support or other resources. As a guide, Cleveland Clinic does not typically provide funding for:

  • An individual’s own personal program or fundraising initiative
  • Political activities or campaigns
  • Scholarships
  • For-profit corporations
  • General business operations

If you believe your request for support meets the criteria mentioned above, please click the button below to continue the application process. The hospital will review and notify you of a decision.

Thank you for considering Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital as a community partner.

Application Information

As you complete the form, pay special attention to the questions regarding additional funds from any facility or individual within Cleveland Clinic.

Organization Information

Please provide the full name of your organization – no abbreviations.

Contact Information

General Information

If your organization does not have a 501c3 Federal Tax ID Number, please enter “N/A”

Please send an email to [email protected] if you have questions or need assistance.

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